Design, manufacture and meet wholesale menstrual cups with Koyl Menstrual Cup. In FDA-registered menstrual cup production and design, we are pleased to be the industry leader. From medical materials in our factory, we recommend years of experience producing the greatest menstrual cups. Koyl Menstrual cup can support from design to final point-of-sale packaging. Whether you are looking to design your product or white label our wholesale menstrual cup designs.


menstrual cup manufacturer offering a variety of sizes

    We can build in our facility, our acclaimed existing period cup design with your branded packaging. For orders of 1,000, 10,000, and above, a minimum order quantity of 500 with various price points available.

    In our facility, your exclusive cup and labeled packaging produced and built. We are pleased to present product design services, in addition to our production and tooling capability. We recommend a minimum order quantity of 4,000, for a branded cup.


    Medical Grade Materials USP Class VI silicone that undergoes biocompatibility testing, all our menstrual cups are manufactured with medical-healthcare grade. With silicone biocompatibility certifications from our silicone suppliers, our ISO processes provide full material traceability.

    • Menstrual Cup Design Services

    With the customization of an existing design, we can support you with a new design. Insensitive areas that can cause irritation and discomfort, our design available for wholesale orders is free from transitions or ribs. To execute your private label branding on the cup itself, as well as with your packaging, we are also delighted to work with you.


    • Carrying Case

    From the same superior-quality materials as our menstrual cups, we have established a menstrual cup carrying case generated. This carrying case is created to replace the complicated, debris-filled cloth baggies used by other brands. To exhibit on a bathroom counter-top, it is also fashionable enough. In boiling water, it can be cleaned with your menstrual cup.

    • Packaging

    To build your wholesale menstrual cup line with final point-of-sale packaging, we have the exclusive ability and ship immediately to your distributor(s) of option. Under one roof translates to convenience and cost-control for our partners, having the chain of production completely.

    • ISO-Certified, Made in India Factory

    They will obtain products regularly free of defects, our ISO practices and documentation permits our partners to be sure. To detect production dates and the kind of material used in production, every part we create has a lot of numbers that can be used.


    We can create your FDA-registered wholesale menstrual cup line to market rapidly and cost-efficiently, our quality certifications, deep understanding of the design elements that generate the greatest menstrual cup, and injection molding know-how to ensure. The benefits of working with Koyl menstrual cups involve.

    1. Years of menstrual cup design and production experience
    2. Engineering expertise concerning what is most relaxed, safest, and useful for the user.
    3. Two decades of experience working with medical class silicone.
    4. A recognized record of attention to detail and quality standards involving.
    5. Capability to decrease costs through efficient product and packaging design services.
    6. Our useful and cost-efficient one-roof approach to product development, machining, manufacturing, and fulfillment.

    We are the leading wholesaler of menstrual cups, not only does our team have serious development, molding, and manufacturing knowledge, a product that advantages both the user and our society. In creating your design or white labeling one of our existing ones, we would be happy to provide our expertise.