If there were better alternatives to pads, clothes, and tampons, ladies, did you ever think how good your life would have been? Well, as the next logical option, several women today, have already adopted "Koyl menstrual cups". Earn the advantages along with guaranteed peace of mind with Koyl menstrual cups. Get ready to parade your fashion without fear. For today’s working lady, a hygienic, relaxed, and easy to use product has been launched. Under strict hygienic conditions, Koyl menstrual cups are made in India. We ensure that you have a happy green period with Koyl menstrual cup. Koyl menstrual cups will provide you up to 10 years being an alternative to sanitary pads and you will have no more stains, leaks, or itching problems during your periods.

Koyl menstrual cup is a silicon-based, extremely advanced menstrual cup for a tension-free period. The cup suggests leak-proof protection for up to 12 hours with the freedom of indulging in sports, travel, and other activities as it is produced up of 100% medical class Silicone. It is soft, relaxed, odorless, efficient, easy to use, and reusable.


After taking feedbacks from several women, Koyl menstrual cup - a next-generation feminine hygiene product has been designed. This is the answer if you are looking for an improvement from sanitary pads. In menstrual hygiene management, it is the most sustainable product available today. Menstrual blood is collected rather than being absorbed, during menstruation. Hesitation to execute any of your normal duties will be a thing of the past, once you have accepted Koyl menstrual cup. It is an eco-friendly feminine hygiene product that recommends hassle-free menstrual care for up to 12 hrs. Female athletes assure of it. Koyl menstrual cup does not disturb the normal operating and cleaning procedure of your body as it is a passive product. This cup includes no harmful chemicals, absorbency gels, or additives, as Koyl menstrual cups are made from approved, medical-grade, hypo-allergic implant grade silicone. This is the only product which comes with accessories, helping you to travel during those days with relaxation. Koyl menstrual cups are simple to use, safe, hygienic, cost-efficient, and 100% friendly with your body and lifestyle.



When you require it most, Koyl menstrual cup is reusable so you constantly have it with you. Imagine leaving the house in the morning and not having to think about your period until you return home in the evening as it can be left in place for up to 12 hours. No matter how light or heavy your flow is, this can be used every day of your period. When inserted properly it does not leak at all, it can be carried overnight.


Koyl menstrual cup is made from certified, medical-grade, hypoallergenic silicone. It does not upset the sensitive balance within the vagina, unlike tampons this is non-absorbent. This includes no harmful chemicals, absorbency gels, additives, or perfumes. It does not leave annoying fibers in your vaginal walls; it does not produce dryness. Koyl menstrual cup is appropriate for women who have allergies and sensitive skin.


You can save as much as 1400 Rs every year, by using just one Koyl menstrual cup. This is eco-friendly so this removes the requirement to buy endless supplies of feminine hygiene products each month.


The average woman utilizes 12,000 tampons and pads in her lifetime. This garbage and the linked packaging all end up flushed down the toilet or dumped in landfill sites. Koyl menstrual cup produces no waste at all. If all women use this product just think about the difference women could create to the environment.


Koyl Menstrual Cup manufactures standard quality cups by keeping comfort and hygiene in mind. If you are looking for a professional and trusted menstrual cup manufacturer near you then contact Koyl now. We follow all the manufacturing standard to keep our process authentic. You can call us on +91 96876 58012. We supply standard quality menstrual cups in the India as well as all over the world.